SNL’s Aidy Bryant Shows A 10,000th Tweet Milestone Fantasy Like No Other

By November 19, 2014

There are times where we wished someone would recognize our weird (but to us, important) milestones like, oh, I don’t know…reaching their 10,000th tweet on Twitter with a grand musical number, and special guests like God.

You read that right – God.

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Aidy Bryant has heard your call and has gleefully given us a look at what it looks like in her mind when someone sends their 10,000th tweet in what is known as a “cut for time” sketch – meaning it made the dress rehearsal that happens right before the live show but, well, you know, was cut out for time.

Everyone from her 7th grade crush, to the Obamas, to God Himself arrive to celebrate the milestone in grand musical fashion!

Great googly moogly –  I want a smoocher from Edward Norton, man!

Now, some of my beloved colleagues are reporting that it’s Bryant’s 10,000th tweet, but a cursory glance at her Twitter page (and maybe the fact they keep calling her “Rebecca”) shows that my girl Aidy has 947 tweets that includes sharing said cut sketch with her followers – of which I am proud to say I am one!

Seeing as I’m nearing 80,000 tweets on my own timeline, I’m gonna have a party when I hit 100k; where I will be kissed by all the Marvel guys. Chris Hemsworth, RDJ, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Sebastian Stan, Chris Pratt, Michael Rooker, and Chris Evans (because I’ll ALWAYS save the best for last) better start limbering up them lips and use a lot of moisturizer – I like men with soft lips (ha!).

What about you? What does YOUR fantasy Twitter milestone party look like – who would be there and who would YOU like to get a celebratory smooch from?

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