Sony Adding Greater Security to ‘The Interview’ Premiere Tonight

By December 11, 2014

With much of the attention surrounding the recent cyber security breach at Sony Pictures possibly involving a nation that currently stands as an enemy of the United States, Sony will be adding a greater degree of security to the premiere event for The Interview, the action-comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, that seems to be at the center of the controversy.

In a new report from Deadline, a Sony official has gone on record stating that more stringent security will be present at the upcoming event, which is scheduled to take place tonight at Los Angeles’ famous Ace Hotel theatre. Four off-duty Los Angeles police officers have joined the security team, with other new measures not publicly stated. Interestingly, when asked about what the city itself will be doing for greater security at the premiere, a spokesperson from the LAPD stated that the police department will “not be doing anything,” seemingly indicating that Sony is relying strictly on private security to safeguard the event and its attendees.

The Ace Hotel's palatial theatre in Los Angeles is the site of tonight's premiere for The Interview.

The Ace Hotel’s palatial theatre in Los Angeles is the site of tonight’s premiere for The Interview.

This isn’t to say that movie premieres are particularly lax affairs anyway, though. Because of the high-profile personalities that are always involved in events like this, stringent security at a major motion picture’s premiere event is the norm, not the exception. Still, with the recent attack on Sony Pictures and the tenuous link that the incident may have to North Korea, stronger security measures are a perfectly valid precaution to take for an event like this one.

Although officials in Pyongyang have officially denied their government’s involvement with the cyber attack (while also subsequently praising it), it would be against the best interests of the country, its leadership, and its people if there was some kind of public incident on American soil related to their country. North Korea lives in a highly isolated state in the international community, with extreme sanctions and limited supplies with which to serve its people. Beyond that simple fact, its infrastructure is decades behind the nations of the western world, and bellicose bloviating is one of the things their state-run news service is known to do best. Still, the cyber attack was real, with many people being negatively affected by its impact, and something that creates these kinds of heated feelings in an aggressive party should definitely be taken seriously.

Again, though, its relieving to see that Sony is responding appropriately, and caution is always best. For more on The Interview and the related elements spinning out of its impending release, be sure to keep an eye on GeekNation.

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