Sony Celebrates 20 Years of PlayStation With New Anniversary Video

By November 13, 2014

On December 3rd, 1994, the landscape of home console video gaming was changed forever by the Japanese launch of Sony’s original PlayStation. In honor of the fact that this coming December 3rd will mark the 20th anniversary of that seminal release, PlayStation Japan has released this celebratory video that dives into the full history and nostalgia of the PlayStation brand, from the PS1 all the way up to the PS4. The video itself is a fun look at the history of the platform, and will likely stir up a lot of nostalgia in anyone that’s owned any PlayStation system over the course of the last 20 years. Take a look at it below.

While some of the video emphasizes the modern offerings a little too much, its pretty cool seeing a compilation of a lot of the major releases from the whole history of the PlayStation platform. The original PS1, of course, was the first disc-based console system that was ever released, and actually arose out of a partnership with Nintendo to create a disc-based peripheral for the Super Nintendo. When Sony caught wind of Nintendo talking with a rival optical technology manufacturer, Sony severed their ties with Nintendo and decided to try and beat the House of Mario at their own game. It’s largely been a successful effort, with the PlayStation 4 leading the pack of the new generation of consoles, and with both the PS2 and PS3 receiving more overall attention in the gaming culture than Nintendo’s equivalent offerings of those respective generations.

For more great information on the original PlayStation console, check out DidYouKnowGaming’s video about the console below, filled with a lot of interesting facts about Sony’s first foray into the home console business! Happy birthday, PlayStation! You still look great.

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