Sony Exclusive ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Gameplay Walkthrough Video

By October 28, 2015

At E3 this past year Killzone series Developer Geurilla Games revealed there newest project Horizon Zero Dawn. The awe-inspiring trailer left fans craving more. Yesterday at the Sony Paris Games Week Press Conference an 8 minute walk through video was shown. The walk through is the same one that was shown behind closed doors to media at E3 but now Guerrilla invites gamers to get their first real taste of what the game has in store.

In the video, Senior Producer Mark Norris takes control of the games main protagonist Aloy. Aloy is appears to be a tribal huntress traversing a post-apocilyptic or new world populated by mechanized creatures. We join Aloy as she begins a quest to gather resources from some of the native creatures roaming the landscape. She has been tasked to do so for unknown reasons to us, but Norris quickly points out that Horizon Zero Dawn is indeed an RPG containing an engaging narrative and character progression.

We witness Aloy employ stealth tactics to get into position to set traps and to take out the unsuspecting enemies. Norris makes note that stealth will play a large roll in the minute to minute gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn. The primal nature of the game finds its way into every aspect including the health bar on the screen and even the way in which she takes enemies out.

The video ends with a visually impressive battle between Aloy an a massive beast. The beast comes barreling on to screen and is huge compared to Aloy. Norris notes that there are many ways to take the character down and points out all the different animations and attacks that the creature has. With this being the case, encounters with this creature can play out differently every time and force the player to utilize all the skills they have on hand.

Horizon Zero Dawn appears on track to be one of the big titles of next year. Guerrilla Games is promising to deliver an action-RPG blended with fantastic stealth/action combat taking place in a gorgeous world that seems both familiar and alien at the same time. Horizon Zero Dawn is set to launch exclusively on the PS4 sometime in 2016. You can watch the Gameplay Walkthrough below.

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