Sony May Already Be Working on a PS4.5

By March 21, 2016

In a world where there are new phones seemingly popping up every few months, console manufacturers according to rumors are catching on to the upgrade trend. Word around the water cooler has it (thank you almighty Kotaku) that the folks at Sony are working on a PS4.5 with beefed up GPU support capable of games with 4k graphics and more CPU power to support the PlayStation VR.

With reports of Microsoft providing upgrades to the XBOX ONE and Nintendo pushing out the NX as well, this is good news for the bottom line at Sony. As new hardware allows the corporation to keep profit margins high and allows the system to continue feeling new.

The possibilities for gaming right now are an endless pit of awesome tech. Remember though, that what seems cool today may very well be out tomorrow. Just a faint few years ago, every grandma and midwestern mom was chilling with the motion-controlled Wii. Now with a strong cell phone market, casual gaming has made a tectonic shift to mobile devices, and it’ll be interesting to see the continuing effect that might have on the console world moving forwards.

So Nation, would you invest another $400 to $450 dollars for a new 4K, VR enabled PS4.5? Or is it a little bit early to splurge? Sound off below and keep it locked here to GeekNation for all your video game news.

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Cory Naught
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