Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria & The REBEL MARK

By January 4, 2013

We are huge Spartacus fans here at GeekNation so when we got the opportunity to be a part of Starz Battle of Nuceria game we jumped at the chance!

Battle for Nuceria is a massive interactive online experience that goes along with the upcoming final season of the international hit show “Spartacus: War of the Damned.” The game is designed to be a season-long companion piece to the series, fans will be taken to the front line of Spartacus’ fight against Rome and will be immersed in the opportunity to compete with other fans to unlock unprecedented rewards, including more than three hours of exclusive video content, a grand prize trip to Italy, and the first online opportunity to unlock the premiere episode before it airs on Friday, January 25th at 9pm ET/PT. For more details see the Press Release.

Before the War of the Damned there was The Battle for Nuceria! Enlist as a Rebel Soldier in Spartacus’ army and select a mission.

If you haven’t enlisted to play, may we suggest that you do so NOW!


And now for the rebel mark you’ll need to scan in Mission 5…

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