‘Spectre’ Director Teases the Villain’s True Identity

By September 21, 2015

All in all, there really isn’t that much we know about Spectre right now. The latest installment of the James Bond 007 franchise has been shrouded in almost complete mystery ever since the initial announcement last year. With the re-introduction of the iconic Bond organization back into the series too, it’s not hard to imagine why director Sam Mendes and co. might want to keep as much about the film from being revealed as possible.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating. One of the biggest rumors running around online is that Christoph Waltz’s Oberhauser is actually an alias for Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is perhaps the most recognizable villain from the earlier Bond films, and was the leader of the Spectre organization. Since the trailers have hinted that Waltz’s character might have the same authority that Blofeld had – its understandable to assume that the Oscar-winning actor might be playing a new version of the character.

In the latest issue of Empire (via Digital Spy) though, Mendes recently commented on the Blofeld rumors, and why the film’s plot and story has been surrounded by so much secrecy up until this point. Read his full quote below:

“The B-word! We talk about it all the time. It’s the great figure from the Bond vault, as it were. There was this big spectre hanging over the movie and the franchise, which is Blofeld, and what happened to the supervillain. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s some big stuff the movie is moving towards. There are depth charges you hopefully don’t see coming.”

When pressed further about Oberhauser’s possible true identity, Mendes insisted that no spoilers about the film will be coming out anytime soon:

“The audience cannot and should not be given – and I’m not confirming or denying anything – information that the characters do not have. And preserving tension in the narrative of a story that is a riff or an acknowledgement of the iconography of Bond over the years has been crucial. Otherwise you have taken an audience out of the narrative before it’s even begun.”

Honestly, I couldn’t agree with Mendes more right now. The fact that he is so frankly avoiding spoiling anything from the movie reminds me of something that J.J. Abrams would do, and is how all blockbusters should be handled in my opinion. Too many spoilers can take away the fun from the movie, and considering that Spectre looks more like a mystery than any of the more-recent Bond films have been – the idea of having the numerous twists and turns ruined just puts a sour taste in my mouth.

While its entirely likely that the Blofeld character will appear somehow, in some shape or form in the film (it’d be hard to have a movie about SPECTRE and not include him), whether or not Christoph Waltz will be the new Blofeld iteration is something that I think myself, and many other fans would like to find out for the first time in the movie theatre. Not on some random online chat board.

Spectre is set to hit theatres on November 6th.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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  • David Johnson

    You had Tee Hee from Live & Let Die in one of the new posters, at least that’s who it looked like to Me. Also as far as I remember Blofeld was never killed in the old Bond Movies, maybe Oberhauser isn’t Him but His Protege??

    • Ed Erdelac

      That would be Baron Samedi, not Tee Hee. Tee Hee was the bald dude with the mechanical arm. But I think since part of Spectre takes place in Mexico City, it’s just a Day of The Dead guy.

      • David Johnson


    • Oh, I like that theory. I like that theory A LOT.

      • David Johnson

        I was corrected though it was Baron Samedi not Tee Hee dressed in the skeleton outfit in Live & Let Die.