‘Spectre’ Theme Song Artist & Title Confirmed

By September 8, 2015

Sam Mendes’ Spectre is set to be his follow-up film to 2012’s Skyfall, and will likely continue James Bond’s (Daniel Craig) story from the previous film into the new one, as he delves further into his past. While Skyfall allowed audiences to not only learn more about M’s (Judi Dench) past, but also Bond’s, and every trailer for Spectre so far hinting at a much darker and planned explanation for all of Bond’s tragedies – it’ll be interesting to see if one of the films ends up being weaker than the other, or if they end up being merely two equal parts of an incredible story.

Skyfall also had one of the best Bond theme songs in history going for it as well though, with British singer Adele singing a dark lullaby for the film that encapsulated its tone and themes into one piece of music, and was so well-recieved that she won an Oscar for the song at that year’s Academy Awards.

Whether or not Spectre‘s theme song will have the same impact is still a mystery, but at least now we know the song’s title, artist, and official release date because after months of speculating and a seeming confirmation yesterday, British male solo artist, Sam Smith, will officially be singing and composing the theme song for Spectre after all. The song is titled “Writing’s on the Wall” and will be released officially on September 25th, exactly one month before the film’s first screening in the UK.

Smith announced the confirmation on Twitter last night, calling it “one of the highlights of my career.” Check out his official tweet below:

While speaking with BBC Radio 1, Smith revealed that he wrote the song back in January of this year, saying:

“I got called into the office with [producer] Barbara Broccoli and [director] Sam Mendes and they gave me the script, I read the script… they said ‘have a go at the song’, It’s the quickest I’ve ever written a song — it took 20 minutes… and they loved it!”

Smith is definitely an interesting choice for the theme song, and it’ll be interesting to hear how his now trademark vocals end up fitting into the movie’s tone and story. Judging by the scene in the trailer when we see James’ name scrawled in what looks like blood underneath a long list of other names on a wall, it’s likely that the song relates to that scene, and the story behind it.

Whatever it is that ends up happening to 007 in this movie though, the film promises to not only reveal new, shocking details regarding his past and his origins, but also pay homage to the films that have come before, with the movie’s main secret organization being a callback to one of the most iconic villains and organizations in Bond history. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see how well the movie ends up balancing the two.

Spectre is set to hit theatres in the US on November 6th.

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