UPDATED: Spider-Man Will Be Relaunched as Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Four Films Get New Release Dates

By February 9, 2015

UPDATE 1: In addition to the Spider-Man news, Marvel has announced new release dates for four films. On its official website, they state,

Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok” will hit theaters November 3, 2017. The following year, Marvel’s “Black Panther” will make its way to theaters on July 6, 2018, and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” on November 2, 2018. Finally, Marvel’s “Inhumans” will now debut in theaters July 12, 2019.

The dates for both parts of Avengers: Infinity War are unaffected.

Original Story: After months of intense speculation from both fans and industry insiders, we now know that Marvel Comics’ iconic webslinger will be welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Announced from Marvel’s official website, the new plan for the Spider-Man franchise on film is to go in a new direction that will be a part of Marvel’s established film series, featuring characters like Iron Man, Captain America, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers. The new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel Studios film before being featured in his own, new series, and since the official release heavily stresses that this is a “new” Spider-Man, it looks as though Andrew Garfield and the films of Marc Webb will be left behind in favor of a new iteration being created for the character.

The new solo franchise for Spider-Man already has an assigned release date of July 28th, 2017, and it will be co-produced by Sony’s Amy Pascal and Marvel’s Kevin Feige. Pascal was an instrumental force in bringing Spider-Man to Sony in the first place, a franchise which has grossed over $4 billion worldwide over all five released theatrical films. Feige has been the primary producer of all Marvel Studios films from the very beginning, and has overseen the critical hit of 2008’s Iron Man morphing into the multimedia franchise led by The Avengers.

The announcement of the new deal also stresses some of the finer details of the new production, saying that “Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films. Marvel and Sony Pictures are also exploring opportunities to integrate characters from the MCU into future Spider-Man films.”

This news will certainly open up speculation about where Spider-Man will first appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the speculation of the last couple of months pegged him to show up in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War alongside Chris Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey, Jr.’s Iron Man. Spider-Man played an integral role in the comic book arc Civil War on which the new film will be at least partially based, and that film is expected to go into production soon for a May 2016 release.

Of the new creative endeavor bringing Spider-Man home, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige said,

I am thrilled to team with my friends at Sony Pictures along with Amy Pascal to produce the next Spider-Man movie. Amy has been deeply involved in the realization on film of one of the world’s most beloved characters. Marvel’s involvement will hopefully deliver the creative continuity and authenticity that fans demand from the MCU. I am equally excited for the opportunity to have Spider-Man appear in the MCU, something which both we at Marvel, and fans alike, have been looking forward to for years.

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