Spidey Solo Movie Release Date Jumps Up, ‘Jumanji’ Gets Pushed Back!

By January 21, 2016

In a move I don’t anticipate anyone crying about, we’re just going to have to wait a little bit longer for that board game movie remake we never asked for. I know, I know….life’s not fair.

Jumanji, originally set to debut this Christmas despite just recently naming a director (Jake Kasdan), has made the wise choice to push the remake back. Jumanji will now hit theaters on July 28th, 2017.

That July 28th, 2017 spot is the debut of the solo Spider-Man movie you say? Not anymore. In a release date change that works in our favor for once; Spider-Man starring Tom Holland has been bumped up a whopping three weeks to July 7th, 2017.

Stop giving me that look, I know it’s only three weeks but it’s still good news in a world full of bad…like that whole Star Wars: Episode VIII getting pushed back thing.

Speaking of Star Wars: Episode VIII; that probably had something to do with this whole shakeup. The box office monster is now set to begin around the original Jumanji release date.

So, in essence we just traded Jumanji for Episode VIII. Pop some bottles.

Spider-Man is set to make his first debut in the upcoming Civil War while we’re all crying our man eyes out about Tony Stark and Steve Rogers fighting. That means you can get even more excited about the solo Spidey movie, because we don’t have to watch another Peter Parker origin story.

Stay tuned for all your updates right here on Geek Nation, where we don’t want to watch Uncle Ben die again. That dude has been cooked more times than his own rice.


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Mike Holtz
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  • David Johnson

    Alright Jumanji was great because of Robin Williams (rest of the cast was great also), figure this Jumanji will be right up there with the classic board game movie zathura!!!!! Not even sure I care that much about the New Spiderman franchise!!!! Lets just hope 8 is as good as 7 was!!!!!