Spielberg Eyes ‘Montezuma’ As Possible Next Project, Javier Bardem Could Star

By January 6, 2014


Steven Spielberg famously put the brakes on his film adaptation of the popular novel Robopocalypse when he felt the script wasn’t up to snuff, and The Beard quickly moved on to the director’s chair of American Sniper as his follow-up project to 2012’s Lincoln. But that didn’t last long either – Clint Eastwood is rumored to have taken over on that particular project – and Spielberg has been searching for a new directing gig ever since. Well, it appears he may have found it, as Deadline reports that the world’s most famous director is interested in helming an interesting project that’s been kicking around Hollywood for almost 50 years.

Montezuma tells the story of the Aztec leader who came head to head with Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez. The script was originally written by Dalton Trumbo for his Spartacus star Kirk Douglas, but that version never came to pass; Schindler’s List writer Steve Zaillian is giving it a rewrite now, and Javier Bardem has shown interest in playing the role of Cortez. (It’s likely the film’s title could change to Cortez, since the story is told from that character’s POV.)

Montezuma Cortez

It’s an understatement to say that Spielberg is a busy guy, and because of the variety of project’s he’s producing at any given moment, it’s tough to guess what story will affect him so much that he decides to put everything else on hold in order to devote a year or two of his life to it. Keep in mind that Disney just recently acquired the rights to future Indiana Jones films, and since Harrison Ford has been clamoring to do a sequel (and he’s not getting any younger), that seems like a possibility for Spielberg’s next directorial effort. In any case, Montezuma joins the list of potentially excellent ventures for him, and we’ll report back as soon as we hear official word about what his next film will be.

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