Spielberg Will Next Direct ‘American Sniper’ Starring Bradley Cooper

By May 2, 2013

After his dry, award-bait drama Lincoln, Steven Spielberg was looking to get back into tentpole mode for his next project. He was eyeing an adaptation of the popular book Robopocalypse, a film that would have been a huge sci-fi effort recalling the director’s efforts on Minority Report and War of the Worlds. That project ended up stalling out after Spielberg wasn’t happy with the screenplay, and it’s since been put on indefinite hold. We were wondering if writer Drew Goddard was going to be able to iron out the problems with the script in time for The Beard to still make it his next directing gig, but sadly that’s not the case. We do, however, have word about what his next project WILL be.

THR is reporting that Spielberg will direct American Sniper, an adaptation of the autobiography of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Bradley Cooper has been trying to get this project made for a year now, and he’ll produce and star as Kyle, the Texas native who has the most confirmed kills of any sniper in American military history. Tragically though, Kyle was killed earlier this year by a fellow vet at a shooting range far away from the horrors of the war. It’s an interesting choice for Spielberg, who has helmed war efforts before with Saving Private Ryan, but this seems like a much more focused, character-based story that could provide a different palette for him to work with.

As for Cooper, this is a passion project of his, so he’ll clearly give it his all. Cooper is a guy who hasn’t been asked to do a lot in his film career yet – nobody talks about his performance in The Hangover movies – but in the hands of the right director with the right story, he can really shine. He did career-best work in Silver Linings Playbook, and if he’s half as passionate about this story as he was with that one, we should be in for a treat with American Sniper.

What say you, readers? Stoked to see Cooper and Spielberg work together to tell this true-life story? Sound off below.

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