‘Star Trek 4’ May Bring Back Chris Hemsworth

By July 16, 2016

Earlier this week, J.J. Abrams confirmed that he and the creative team behind the franchise were “figuratively minutes away” from working on the fourth installment in the new Star Trek film franchise, following the release of Star Trek Beyond next week. While we still have Beyond to look forward to (which is great by the way), it hasn’t taken long for people to already start asking questions about the fourth installment… because of course it hasn’t.

This news tidbit is fairly strange too, and doesn’t quite make much sense out of context, or really with as little information as Abrams is probably willing to disclose about the movie at this point.

Access Hollywood’s Scott Mantz recently tweeted out some “BREAKING” news, that Abrams told him the fourth installment in the film franchise will “bring together Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth,” which doesn’t quite make much sense considering Hemsworth played Pine’s father in the films, who died in the opening minutes of the 2009 reboot, which has impacted the rest of the films since.

Now, considering we’re getting this news in less than 140 characters, we really have no idea how Abrams mentioned this or what led to him talking about it, but the idea of Hemsworth somehow returning is an interesting one, and not something that I think the story needs if I’m being completely honest.

In Beyond, Kirk’s big arc is about discovering what makes him him, and not somebody trying to live up to or in the shadow of his father, and his legendary final minutes of life. Without spoiling anything, Beyond does a lot of great things to bring Kirk to where fans have always wanted him to be in the films, and I think that, bringing his father back into the mix once again, is just unnecessary at this point.

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Alex Welch

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