‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Teasers and Review

By May 10, 2013

It’s rare to find a sequel that’s twice as good as the original, but Star Trek Into Darkness delivers in spades. It has wit, heart, and plenty of action–and whereas some of the action in the first film felt forced, this time it’s blended seamlessly with terrific plot and phenomenal character development.

The film is an homage to the original series and its subsequent films–there are familiar lines and situations interspersed throughout. Setting the film in an alternate timeline gives the writers an ingenious way to flip the familiar on its head, and they do so at several turns.

There’s great depth to Spock’s character, and Kirk’s develops admirably along the way. Bones has some of the best lines, and Scotty is entertaining as always. Uhura’s character, unfortunately, is used more as a tool for developing Spock’s than it is touched upon in its own right, but their relationship does lead to one of the most poignant, heart-rending speeches of the film. The Spock/Kirk dynamic is explosive–intense, but insanely funny. That they are foils for one another cannot be overlooked; it is the foundation upon which the film is based.

The battle scenes are grand and plentiful; the film is one part action-adventure, one part disaster-flick. In fact, there’s a sequence that is strikingly similar to the sinking of the Titanic in James Cameron’s 1997 film…if, of course, the Titanic were in space. There is no dearth of explosions, fire fights, or hand to hand combat either.

There’s very little that’s wrong with the film. Some hard core fans may not enjoy the new twists on old material, and one particular classic line felt haphazardly tossed in. Overall, however, the blend worked. Fans may also be jarred by the slightly bizarre appearance of the Klingon warriors–fully shaved heads, replete with jewelry in their forehead ridges–not a look we’ve seen before, in any era.

Here’s a few teasers to whet your appetite:

  • Spock channels Kirk in a big way.
  • Tribbles save the day!
  • Oh, that pesky Prime Directive…
  • The Enterprise has more than one enemy.
  • A shuttle mission may not be the best place for domestic disputes.
  • The Vulcan nerve pinch isn’t very effective on some people.

And finally…look no further if you want to avoid spoilers! There are a couple of big ones below.

Despite Benedict Cumberbatch’s character being billed as John Harrison, speculation remains rampant that he is, in fact, Khan. So, does the British phenomenon really reprise Ricardo Montalbán’s infamous role?

Yes. John Harrison is an alias–both on screen and off. Khan returns…and so does Kirk’s infamous line (out of someone else’s mouth).

And here’s one much better kept secret: Leonard Nimoy returns! That’s right–the original Mr. Spock has a cameo, giving his younger (alternate) self some words of warning about the wrath of Khan.