‘Star Trek’ TV Series Shooting Location and Production Start Date Confirmed

By May 3, 2016

The hype and anticipation surrounding CBS’ new Star Trek TV series has steadily begun to increase over the past few months, following the original, controversial announcement with the signing of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies creator, Bryan Fuller, as showrunner, and the addition of several well-recognized and beloved creative talents to the show’s writing team as well, including The Wrath of Khan‘s Nicholas Meyer.

Now, following the rumors of a possible setting and anthology structure for the series, the shooting location and start date on the Star Trek series has officially been announced/confirmed.

CBS has announced production on the series to begin this Fall in Toronto (via Twitter), which means fans will probably want to keep their eyes peeled for some casting announcements and reveals over the coming few weeks as well:

Having to pay for CBS All Access just to watch the series ($5.99/month) is probably going to frustrate a majority of fans out there, but if the production budget is high enough and the quality of the series ends up being on par with shows like Game of Thrones or even some of the Netflix and Hulu Original Series (which Fuller is more than capable of as showrunner), then I imagine having to pay the extra fee every month might not be as frustrating as it sounds.

The Star Trek TV series is expected to premiere in 2017.

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