‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Largest Digital Launch in History

By November 24, 2015

EA and Dice are celebrating as Star Wars: Battle Front has become the largest digital launch in the company’s history and the biggest launch of any Star Wars game ever. Now with that being said, and on the other side of things, Game Stop is reporting lack luster numbers in physical stores but that is to be expected in a time where the digital front is becoming more and more prevalent with ease of access taking precedent over in store savings.

Those who have exhausted the content already available The Battle of Jakku DLC will begin to roll-out for pre-ordered gamers on December 1st and for the rest of us December 8th.

Now, I know there are complaints about the overall cost of this game. Let’s face it $69.99 (DELUXE Edition) for the game plus $50 for the DLC pass is a bit much. EA Studios executive Patrick Soderlund is quick to point out there is a lot of free content on the way.

There is an unrelenting reality to modern gaming, which are costs to consumers. Although the quality of the product has improved, the perceived notion among a great deal of gamers is that they are often left paying a lot of money for an unfinished product. For us 30 something’s the days of popping in a cartridge and playing a game through are long, long gone.

As for the future of Battlefront, rumors do suggest we will be getting a lot of sequels to Star Wars games. Now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after all the dust has settled.

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