‘Star Wars Celebration Europe’ Will Be Live Streamed After All

By July 6, 2016

Next week, Star Wars Celebration will happen in London, with a number of highly-anticipated panels taking place involving some of the most important names in the Star Wars universe right now, including a Rogue One panel with Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards, a panel with Mark Hamill, a panel with Rian Johnson, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, and more.

Following the reveal yesterday that a new Rogue One trailer will be premiering on Thursday July 15th, the same day as its Celebration panel as well, Disney and Lucasfilm have some exciting news for all of your Star Wars fans out there that can’t make the trip out to London next week.

Announced today on The Star Wars Show, Disney and Lucasfilm have revealed that they will be live streaming from the event in London next week, including live streams of the Rogue One panels, we think the closing ceremony panel with Johnson, Lord, and Miller, interviews with Star Wars celebrities and filmmakers, and more. Check it out:

The live stream will be produced on Starwars.com as well, which means that the studio will most definitely not be pulling an SDCC move with the convention this year, likely live-streaming any official footage or trailers that they might air during the panels. For those of you out there that have become increasingly more sad about not getting to go this year as well, this should come as welcome news.

Now, the only real thing we’ll have to wonder about, is what the studio is planning on showing to audiences this year and what they’re not going to be showing. We know there will be a new Rogue One trailer, but could there also be some Episode VIII footage as well with Johnson present? Thankfully, it looks like Lucasfilm has Star Wars fans all over the world covered once again, if so.

Star Wars Celebration Europe will happen in London from July 15th-17th.

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