‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ May Be Adding a Lot More With This Major Character

By September 22, 2016

Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII wrapped principal photography back at the end of July earlier this year, but the film is set to begin additional filming early next month, it has been announced, though this is fairly regular and normal with tentpole projects like this. Not nearly as last-minute as the reshoots for Rogue One were, and the behind-the-scenes info from Episode VIII seem to indicate the project is going smoother than any other Star Wars film yet for Disney.

However, it has also been revealed that one actress in the film will be participating in the additional photography more than was previously expected, which could mean a much larger role in Episode VIII for one of the saga’s OT characters than any of us had thought.

New York Comic-Con is reporting that due to new conflicts with her shooting schedule for Episode VIII, Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, will only be able to attend the upcoming convention for one day (H/T io9):

We’re sorry to announce that due to #StarWars production, Carrie Fisher will only be at #NYCC on Sunday.

A photo posted by New York Comic Con (@newyorkcomiccon) on

What this means for Leia’s role in Episode VIII is a mystery of course, as are most things regarding the production. However, it seems probable to assume that Fisher will either be reshooting more scenes in the film than was previously thought, or Rian Johnson and co. have added Leia in to the story more than was originally planned. Either way, it looks like one more Original Trilogy character may still have a very large presence in the film.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set to hit theatres on December 15th, 2017.

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