‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ to Get Back Underway This Month

By August 13, 2014

This probably isn’t a news story that deserves too much hype or speculation, but I thought it was important enough to keep Star Wars fans updated on what’s happening with J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Episode VII. The Hollywood Reporter says that filming will get back underway this month following a two week hiatus that was caused by Harrison Ford’s broken leg. For the record, today marks almost two months exactly since the initial report of Ford’s injury, which aligns with the reports that said Ford would be sidelined for 6-8 weeks.

Co-star Mark Hamill recently told reporters that Ford was improving, and Ford himself recently attended the Hollywood premiere of The Expendables 3 and was moving around without a cane or any assistance, so it would seem that Han Solo is back in business and ready to get rolling once again.

Han Solo

There were whispers that Ford’s injury could cause the movie to be delayed, but if the rumors are to be believed, Disney CEO Bob Iger has essentially demanded that the movie stay on track for a December 2015 release. We’ve talked about this before: the money that Disney will make from the merchandising alone will be staggering if they release the film during the holiday season, and since Iger is on his way out, he wants this film to serve as his final send-off as he drives his gold-plated hovercraft into the sunset. It looks like they’re actually going to be able to meet that goal, and we’ll have to wait until the inevitable behind-the-scenes stories start coming out down the line to see how much of an impact Ford’s delay (and Iger’s demand for a 2015 release) actually affected the quality of the movie.

No word yet on whether Oscar Isaac’s role was actually beefed up during Ford’s downtime, but I suspect we’ll see a teaser trailer before the end of the year, so hopefully we don’t have too much longer to wait before we see catch a glimpse of the first new Star Wars film in a decade. Are you excited?

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