‘Star Wars’ News: ‘Episode VIII’ Dated, First Spinoff Gets Date and Title

By March 12, 2015

The Star Wars universe just got some major announcements from Disney as far as the future releases of the franchise.

According to Variety, Disney and Lucasfilm recently announced at their annual shareholders meeting some details surrounding future film releases in the franchise. The first is that the next entry in the main series, Star Wars Episode VIII to be directed by Looper‘s Rian Johnson, has been given a release date of May 26th, 2017. While no title or story details were divulged, this will be the next major film of the franchise following up this year’s The Force Awakens, releasing in December and directed by J.J. Abrams.

While we’ve also known that several spinoff films are in the works to be released in-between each new Episode, we now have a title and a release date for the first of these, directed by Gareth Edwards and starring Felicity Jones: it’s called Star Wars: Rogue One, and will be released on December 16th, 2016, almost exactly one year after the release of The Force AwakensRogue One, which was based on an idea by visual effects supervisor John Knoll of Industrial Light & Magic, will be written by Chris Weitz (who also wrote this weekend’s Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh), and while we don’t know of any officially released plot information, the title is sure to send the Star Wars-devoted into an interesting guessing game over the next several months.

No details were announced on the other in-development spinoff film to be directed by Josh Trank (ChronicleFantastic Four).

“Rogue” is a pretty significant word in Star Wars lore, primarily as the name of the X-Wing squadron that Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles commanded in the latter two films of the original Star Wars trilogy. Whether the spinoff takes place before, during, or after the establishment of the squad as we know it from those films will be an interesting fact once more details are released. Fan and even some industry speculation about the spinoffs seems to feel that it will focus on the early days of more established characters, but Disney is keeping a tight lid on that kind of information.

Either way, its certainly an interesting time to be a Star Wars fan. For more on these and other far, far away projects as they develop, keep it locked on GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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    this is going to be so good

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    star wars is timeless

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    are they going to keep making spinoffs or are they going to stop???

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    I will never forget the first time I watched Star Wars…my life has never been the same since

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    pretty soon with the way technology is going we can just have “Star Wars Reality” and just film stuff in space!

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