Star Wars Rebels Coming To Disney Channel

By May 20, 2013

Back in March, Lucasfilm decided to put Star Wars Detours on hold and close the book on The Clone Wars in order to concentrate on the next slate of Star Wars films and develop a new animated series.

At the time, no word was given on either the name or premise of said series…now we have both!

THR reports that the recently greenlit Star Wars Rebels has gone into production and will premiere in Fall 2014 as a one-hour special on the Disney Channel before setting up base as a full-blown series on sister channel Disney XD.

Taking place between the events of Episode IIIRevenge Of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, Rebels will have around 20 years worth of stuff to play with and the series will be set “in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.”

Execs at Disney and Lucasfilm are extremely optimistic about this new addition to the Star Wars-extended universe with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy saying “I couldn’t be more excited to explore new corners of the Star Wars universe. I think Star Wars Rebels will capture the look, feel and fun that both kids and their parents love about Star Wars.”

Executive producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes) will write the one-hour special and is joined by fellow exec producers Dave Filoni (supervising director on The Clone Wars during its 5-year run on Cartoon Network) and Greg Weisman (co-creator – Gargoyles, producer – Young Justice).

In this interview with Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo, Dave Filoni gives us a wee smackerel of what we can expect from Rebels.


Knowing it’ll have that classic Star Wars feel created by Ralph McQuarrie makes me happy, but I have one question…

I get that Rebels has the potential of breathing MUCH needed new life into the Star Wars video game franchise but what I don’t get, however, is why can’t the Stoopid Monkey-fueled Star Wars Detours (also set between the aforementioned film chapters), co-exist with Rebels (as one is obviously a comedic take on the Empire while the other will have a slightly more serious tone a la The Clone Wars)?

We may never get an answer to that particular question but what I DO know that if you find yourself in Germany this July for Star Wars Celebration Europe, you’ll be the very firsties to see footage from Rebels!

And as casting will be happening at a later date, you best BELIEVE I’ll be using my Jedi powers to seek out the casting breakdown!

Fingers crossed and May The Force be with you. Always.

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