Star Wars Rebels Review – S02E19 “The Forgotten Droid”

By March 17, 2016

On this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels it’s the Chopper show…and that’s about it. Let’s take a look at “The Forgotten Droid.

This episode was the calm before the storm as well as a reminder that Rebels also serves as a kids show. The crew is on another side mission to retrieve fuel for the fleet. Didn’t we just have a fuel run episode with the space whales? I guess we needed to see them off getting fuel…again. There was only one significant thing that happened in this episode, but I’ll get to that a little later.

This mission was more or less an excuse to have Chopper go off on his own. He was supposed to be watching the Ghost and alerting the crew of any incoming Imperial ships but Chopper kind of marches to the beat of his own drum. He is a valuable part of the crew but he often causes more problems and is more confrontational than any of the others. Chopper complains about pretty much anything and as Hera states later in the episode, he often thinks only of himself.

Eyeing a replacement leg that matches one he has currently, he leaves his post to visit the shop in order to retrieve this new leg. Chopper is one of the feistier and more temperamental droids that we have been introduced to in the Star Wars universe. R2-D2 certainly has his moments but he would often get into trouble more because of his own curiosity or he would be the one trying to stop the other droid, in this case Chopper, and get left behind because of it. I have to admit, that shot of the crew escaping with the fuel and taking off in the background while Chopper argued with the shopkeeper made me chuckle.

Chopper steals the leg and his on the run from Stormtroopers, whom his is able to confuse with one left turn, when he bolts into an Imperial cargo ship before it takes off. I know we’re meant to view Stormtroopers as pretty inept but come on!

Aboard the ship we’re introduced to a pretty ridiculous ship’s captain and the ship’s inventory droid, AP-5. I must admit the droid’s voice sounded like Cad Bane for the Clone Wars (not the same voice actor though, I checked) and the cadence in which he spoke reminded me a little of Alan Rickman (which it obviously wasn’t). AP-5 used to be on of the best navigation droids in the Republic and served in the Clone Wars before being shuffled off to manage ship inventory for the Empire.

I enjoyed the interaction between Chopper and AP-5 as they were sort of an alternate version of R2 and 3PO, a much harsher and less cute version. The fact that Chopper actually made a legitimate friend was nice to see and the banter back and forth between the two of them was pretty good. Then of course there was the more slapstick humor and jokes for the younger audiences, particularly with Chopper and AP-5 knocking out the captain and evading the Stormtroopers.

The only significant thing that happened in this episode is that AP-5 assisted in providing a new, safe location for a Rebel base. My first thought was could this be Yavin. But then I remembered that Yavin came after Dantooine. Could this new base be the Dantooine that was referenced in A New Hope? Or are we still too far out from that base and this is just another stopgap between rebel bases. The only other thing of significance that might come from this episode is the addition of AP-5. Is he going to become a part of the crew and be Chopper’s C-3PO? Or will he just take up a position on one of the rebel ships and just pop up from time to time?

This wasn’t a bad episode but it’s not exactly what I wanted after what we saw two weeks ago with Ahosoka and the return of Darth Vader and the Inquisitors. I will say this was loads better than that 4-episode droid arc we received in season 5 of The Clone Wars. That was about 3 episodes too long so if we can knock out a droid centric story in one episode then that’s fine. It was also cool to see the return of Ketsu even if it was very brief. It looks like she is working more with the Rebels now. Let’s hope that next week we get more of the whole crew and we start ramping up for the 2-part finale.

Star Wars Rebels airs on Wednesday nights on Disney XD.

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