‘Star Wars Rebels’ Showrunner Defends the Midi-Chlorians

By July 19, 2016

Dave Filoni has established himself as one of the most reliable creative voices in the Star Wars universe from the moment he started in on The Clone Wars TV series. If there’s something that he should get a sizable amount of credit from the fans for as well, it’s the amount of work and background he’s given to making the prequels and fans’ perceptions of them change over the years – through both the content on the show itself, and his own outspoken nature about George Lucas and the three films.

I’ll be honest and say that one of the biggest things about the Prequels though, that still bothers me to this day, is the introduction of the Midi-chlorians, which in one fell swoop changed the Force from being a magical essence that bound the galaxy together, to being much more scientific and having to do with these strange things in a person’s blood.

Following the fantastic debut trailer for Star Wars Rebels season three as well this past weekend, it looks like Dave Filoni and co. are going to be investigating and exploring the Force in some very interesting ways in the new season. Much like how they did several times in The Clone Wars, and especially in the final thirteen episodes on Netflix.

While speaking with Comicbook.com as well. Filoni explained by he actually likes the midi-chlorians, and how fans might have been misinterpreting them throughout the years:

“To me, when you talk about the Force, the Force is in everything that’s alive; that’s what Obi-Wan says originally. That’s true, even in the days of midi-chlorians, which everybody is afraid to talk about, but I’m not. What that tells you is – when I was a kid, I believed that everybody probably had the Force, and they just didn’t believe – midi-chlorians actually prove that theory out. We all have them, just to differing degrees.

For a long time I’ve used someone like Bruce Lee as an example. He has, if you like, a lot of talent for martial arts – or a very high midi-chlorian count. If I train in martial arts, can I learn martial arts? Yes, I can improve my midi-chlorian count in that discipline. Will I be as good as Bruce Lee? No, that’s not my talent. We were always able to find real-world equivalencies to Star Wars to make comparisons that make it feel like it’s a real thing. When I talk about Force sensing, I talk about when you are standing somewhere and you don’t know but you feel someone standing behind you. It’s all extensions of those things on a much broader level. The Jedi and Sith have one way of interpreting that.”

If anyone other than George Lucas would completely know what exactly the midi-chlorians are, then I’d be willing to bet it’d be Filoni, after working with the Star Wars creator for so many years on The Clone Wars.

I don’t mind his explanation here actually, and it does make me somewhat more open to the idea of exploring the midi-chlorians some more and learning about them. I still prefer the original, mythological explanation of them from Obi-Wan in A New Hope more than what we get from Qui-Gon in A Phantom Menace. With that being said, they’re a part of the universe now, and seeing how Filoni might be planning on tackling that mysterious part of the Force could make Rebels season three even more interesting, as both Kanan and Ezra struggle to find their place within it.

Star Wars Rebels season 3 will premiere on Disney XD this Fall.

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