‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Writer Takes On ‘Starlight’ for Fox

By September 20, 2014

Screenwriter Gary Whitta has already scored what’s likely a very coveted job in the world of screenwriting when it was announced that he would be writing one of the spinoff films for the Star Wars franchise that would arrive between releases of the main “episodes.” It seems that Whitta’s mind is set to be among the stars for the foreseeable future, since he’s now been tapped to adapt an independent comic book written by Mark Millar (Kick AssSecret Service) for the big screen via 20th Century Fox.

A page of artwork from Starlight #1, by artist Goran Parlov.

A page of artwork from Starlight #1, by artist Goran Parlov.

Starlight, which released its first issue through Image Comics this past March, was first optioned for the screen back in December. The book tells the story of a New York test pilot named Duke McQueen, who ended up on another planet after encountering some kind of wormhole. While there, he went on some Flash Gordon-esque adventures, deposed a vicious dictator, and lived a life of rousing space adventure. When he came back to Earth and told people of his claims, he was shunned as a crackpot and a disgrace, but that didn’t bother him too much since the love of his life, Joanne, stayed at his side through it all. The first issue picks up at least a couple of decades after his return to Earth, and starts at Joanne McQueen’s funeral. His sons are so distracted and lacking in compassion for their father that they end up neglecting him when he needs his family most, and Duke is left alone in his house thinking of everything he’s lost, and what he used to be…until something happens that may thrust him into space-faring adventure once again.

The GeekNation Pull List reviewed the first issue of Starlight when it was released back in March, and was acclaimed becoming that week’s “pick.” The film adaptation will be produced by Simon Kinberg, the screenwriter for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and overseen by Steve Asbell. Whitta’s Star Wars spinoff is shrouded in mystery and as-yet untitled, but it will be directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) for release in December 2016.

For more on Starlight and Star Wars, be sure to keep your eye on GeekNation for any continuing developments!

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