‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’ Character Posters Revealed!

By November 4, 2015

So, what little nugget of Star Wars goodness do we have for you today? Just a set of official character posters, highlighting the old, and the new. Check them out:





5Yeah, didn’t you hear? A new Star Wars movie coming out next month. I know, I just blew your mind, right?

Of course, I kid… because everyone knows about The Force Awakens. It’s kind of hard not to. We’ve been inundated on social media with countdown clocks, droid shaped food items, stories about crashing ticket websites, pictures of grown men with little plastic replicas and video after video of trailer reaction views. The hype is real, and for good reason. This is, after all, Star Wars!

So, I’ve got to admit, I actually really like these images. I like the use of color and contrast and think that they really showcase each of the depicted characters (Well, from what we know of them, anyway!). Aside from a slight photoshop issue with Harrison Ford’s nose, I think they are pretty striking in their imagery and what they’re trying to convey. These are the characters that have been most heavily marketed, including the trailers, so it’s not a stretch to say that we’re looking at our main cast of characters for the film. These are the characters that J.J. Abrams and Disney want us to focus on. (I guess we’re just supposed to forget about the lack of Luke!) I can dig it, because I’ve been a Han Solo fan for most of my life. And how awesome is it to see Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia front and centre? Honestly, at this point, December 18th can’t get here fast enough. You’ve already got my money, Disney! There’s no need to continue to tease me!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for release on December 18, 2015.

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    Owwww & Awwwww all rolled into a line of Cool Posters!!!!!