‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Exclusive IMAX Poster Revealed

By October 20, 2015

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens has been breaking records left and right over the past 24 hours. After making millions of grown men, women, and children cry from the pure emotions that the final trailer evoked, dozens of theatre chains and ticketing websites were practically shut down from the same number of people constantly refreshing their web browsers in order to grab tickets for the film’s opening weekend this December.

Depending on what theatre chain or screening format you’ll be seeing The Force Awakens in though, there are perks that will come unique to each separate experience. Although, easily one of the most demanded formats for the film will likely be its IMAX presentations, that will hopefully allow audiences to experience the newest film in the best, largest, and most immersive format possible.

AMC Theatres has just thrown yet another exclusive into the ring too with the announcement of a new IMAX poster that will be available to any audience member who attends IMAX 3d Sunday screenings of The Force Awakens from December 20th to January 10th. I’ll give it to them too, this poster is pretty breathtaking. Check it out below:

imax-star-wars-poster1The poster itself takes full advantage of the incredibly interesting new terrain that Jakku’s scavenger land provides, and looks even more gorgeous from the footage shown in last night’s trailer. Like a majority of the other Jakku-related promotional materials and footage too, it features Daisy Ridley’s Rey front and center, as her silhouette stares on at the crashed Star Destroyer we’ve all fallen in love with. Her speeder is also included as well as BB-8 standing right next to her, and I think it’ll be hard for any Star Wars fan out there not to get chills from just looking at this.

It’s not quite as awesome as the official poster in my opinion, but the IMAX posters are always a bit edgier and more niche than the others, and this one fits in line with several of the other IMAX posters that have been released over the past few years including the Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar exclusives. With The Force Awakens only a little less than two months away too, it looks like Star Wars fans have a lot of new promotional material to look forward to in the weeks leading up to its theatrical release. If the last trailer is any indication though, I don’t think it’ll ever be too much.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is set to hit theatres on December 18th.

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    Says 1 of 4, wonder if they’ll be releasing them all in that time frame!!!