‘Star Wars: The Lost 1980s Anime’ Is Awesome To The Max

By January 3, 2014

Ever wonder what the 1980s cartoon landscape would’ve looked like had a Star Wars cartoon been part of the Saturday morning lineup alongside He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats and Danger Mouse? (Let’s forget about (1985’s “The Ewoks,” “Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C3PO,” and ’86’s “The All-New Ewoks” for the moment.)

Wonder no more.


Thanks to some crazy cool animation cats and YouTubers Shamoozal and Nacho Punch, we now have this amazing piece of imaginative pop art called “Star Wars: The Lost 1980s Anime.”

Enough talk, my young Padawans…time to watch (Siths and Mandalorians also welcome):

Okay, so it’s a little primitive and teeters on the manga side of things, but you know you’d still watch the shiz out of it just to see Darth Vader turn into a golden scorpion.

If you want to see more these crazy cats, be sure to subscribe to Shamoozal and Nacho Punch‘s YouTube pages and if you’re feeling nostalgic, head on over to 80s Cartoons.net for a comprehensive list – I guarantee you there’s gonna be some you’ve either never heard of or haven’t thought about IN YEARS.

Happy hunting!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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