‘Starman’ Remake in the Works With Director Shawn Levy

By April 1, 2016

John Carpenter’s films are no strangers to receiving Hollywood remakes sometimes decades after they come out, even if the remakes can never quite hit the same magic as the legendary director’s. However, perhaps one of his most special and unique is Starman, which starred Jeff Bridges as an innocent alien from a distant planet, who crash lands onto a remote cabin in Wisconsin owned by Jenny Hayden (Karen Allen), a widow recovering from the death of her husband.

Starman, upon meeting Jenny, transforms himself into the body of her dead husband, and convinces her to drive him to Arizona because if he does not reach his mothership in three days, he will die.

Now, THR is reporting that Real Steel and Night at the Museum director, Shawn Levy, is working on developing a remake of the beloved Carpenter film, with the script set to be penned by Arash Amel (Grace of Monaco). Michael Douglas will be returning to produce the remake as well.

Honestly, after the release of Midnight Special recently, which was heavily influenced by the 1984 original, I don’t see the need for a Starman remake to be happening, especially made by someone like Levy, who has made mostly mediocre-to-okay films up until this point. Especially, if he’s going to try and recapture the magic and artistry demonstrated in Carpenter’s original, who’s filmmaking skills have proven to be difficult to replicate by several filmmakers over the past few decades. It could be good. But seriously, just go watch the original.

The Starman remake is currently in development.

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