STARZ Drops Anchor And Releases New Trailer For “Black Sails”

By April 18, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may need to wait until 2015 for any real swashbuckling fair to return to the big screen but don’t fret, there are two programs in production set to bring pirates to the small screen!

Up first, we have Crossbones from NBC. Originally set to be the next vehicle for Hugh Laurie as Blackbeard, John Malkovich has been cast as the iconic pirate. Based on Colin Woodard’s 2008 Non Fiction hit “The Republic Of Pirates”, Crossbones will follow the story of Edward Teach aka Blackbeard and his rivalry with Tom Lowe, the assassin sent to take the rogue leader down.

Another swashbuckling drama set to hit television screens in the not so distant future is Black Sails. Michael Bay is teaming up with Starz to bring the story of Captain Flint to the small screen. Yes, that’s right! THE Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic pirate tale “Treasure Island”!

Written and created by Jon Steinberg (Jericho), the program will be set 20 years before the iconic tale of Stevenson’s. That’s right, another prequel! Here, we will follow Captain Flint and his men as he takes on a slick new crew member by the name of (Long?) John Silver (Luke Arnold). Here, they fight for the survival of a place called New Providence Island, referenced as “the most notorious criminal haven of its day” and packed with miscreants, pirates, prostitutes and thieves.

This is another step forward for Starz, who has been amassing an original programming slate to compete with the likes of HBO and Showtime. This also marks Michael Bay’s debut on TV (aside from his commercial work). So my expectations is that things will look cool with huge explosions and beautiful women running in slow motion. No, wait, pirate wenches running in slow motion? Hell, at least it won’t be Megan Fox…


Black Sails has received an eight episode order from Stars. It is currently filming in Cape Town and is set to air in 2014.

Now, for a special treat!

Soon to be seen in Black Sails, watch Captain Charles Vane himself, Zack Mc Gowan answering your Twitter questions from out GeekNation Soundstage.

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