Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Delayed, Stephen King’s ‘Revival’ Moves Forward Instead

By February 3, 2016

You’d be hard pressed to find another mini-genre of anything that no matter who directs, stars and acts, has each film feeling so alike in some way. Ofcourse because Stephen King wrote them; but there’s something else you can’t put your finger on. Some are great for rainy days, some are cheesy, some good cheesy, many are way too long and a few of them are pretty darn good. Yet, they all share some kindred spirit and have gone on to create a fan base for themselves. Personally, I don’t read much (I prefer the picture book variety) but have collected the King films for years and look forward to them as they release.

The Stand project has been through the ringer; from being attached to Showtime as an eight part mini series at one point, to having Ben Affleck attached to direct at another. It looks like they were ready to give The Stand their best effort possible at one point. Which makes this bittersweet news.

Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars) had been chosen to helm The Stand, but Deadline reports he’s moving forward on yet another Stephen King property, Revival. The film centers around a preacher who becomes obsessed with healing people via deadly electric current after he loses his faith following a deadly accident that took his wife and child.

What this exactly means for The Stand isn’t known, Boone is still attached to direct but Revival seems to have taken priority with a script having already been written and Michael De Luca already tapped as producer. They will be shopping the film around and likely giving Universal first dibs. The rights to The Stand wore out their welcome at Warner Bros. and have since reverted back to CBS films and it’s looking like Revival will be taking precedence while the other epic Stephen King story gets its situation worked out.

How does this news find you, GeekNation? Are you excited for an adaptation of Revival or bummed at the delay of The Stand? If you do find yourself bummed out, just remember that The Dark Tower adaptation is talking names like Matthew Mcconaughey and Idris Elba. Stay tuned for more updates, right here on GeekNation!

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  • David Johnson

    Why are they Remaking The Stand, I mean the original isn’t Oscar Worthy but unless Their putting Guillermo del Toro in charge don’t really see any point in a remake!!!

  • David Johnson

    I quit reading Kings books when he started seeing how many 1.000 page novels he could do in a year!!!