Steven Moffat Gives Update on Season Four of ‘Sherlock’

By May 30, 2014

For people like myself who lived with people who didn’t care for “Sherlock” (I KNOW, RIGHT?!), we’re now gonna get a chance to enjoy season 3 of the show in peace and friggin’ quiet when it hits Netflix on Monday. And not only that, but along with the show, Netflix will have companion making-of and behind-the-scenes specials “Sherlock Uncovered” and “Unlocking Sherlock” available to watch.

When season 4 will happen, however, is anyone’s guess – including that of showrunner Steven Moffat and producer Sue Vertue (who is also Moffat’s wife). In an interview with Vulture, Vertue said “We’re literally in the middle of working out what we’re doing and the dates we’ve got. It’s a bit of a watch-this-space, I’m afraid.”


Vertue also highly recommends taking a tour through season 3 again as it could key you in to something you may have missed first time around. (Spoilers for the third season ahead.) “When Sherlock’s first looking at Mary in the first episode, and all those words go around, in fact, the word liar is there, but you don’t notice it the first time.”

And when asked what’s up with a possible standalone special that would revolve around Watson (Martin Freeman), Moffat – who’s working on that while writing new episodes of “Doctor Who” – told the outlet, “It’s all going in the right direction. There’s nothing to worry about. Everyone’s very willing to make it work. I’m sorry — that’s all you’re getting for now.”

What a tease. Well, at least we know they’ve planned out seasons four and five already. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we finally get to watch them.

What do you think will happen in Season Four? What do you WANT to happen?

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  • I can’t wait for more Sherlock! I love this show so much.

  • Cricket Lee

    me too!

  • WiseSerpent

    Another run in with Moriarty, of course. Would be nice to have Watson’s wife’s past come back and bite her in the ass a bit. And Ms. Adler’s reappearance wouldn’t be an unwelcome development.