Steven Spielberg Reveals One True Story He Still Wants to Tell

By September 30, 2015

Steven Spielberg has cemented a legacy for himself as a filmmaker that few other directors could achieve, with only names like Hitchcock or Scorsese coming to mind. He’s a director that seems to be known and loved by both die-hard film fans and casual moviegoers alike, and it’s hard not to be excited whenever he has a new movie coming out.

He’s got a busy few years ahead of himself though with his new Tom Hanks-led Cold War film, Bridge of Spies set to hit theatres in just a few short weeks, as well as The BFG and Ready Player One set as his two follow-ups. It seems like some fans have been let down with some of his more recent outings though, and it’ll be interesting to see what film he plans on making in the coming years, and how they land with general audiences.

During a recent Twitter Q&A for Bridge of Spies though, Spielberg and Tom Hanks were asked what historical figure or time period that they would most want to make a movie about. While both have done their fair share of biopics and period pieces, their answers might surprise you, and Spielberg’s sounds like a film we could feasibly expect him to make sometime over the next few years if the opportunity arises. See their responses below:

First of all, I feel completely safe saying that I would be one of the first in line to see a Tom Hanks movie about the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous. Calling all screenwriters in Hollywood right now, you should get on that.

Honestly though, the minute that Spielberg said he wanted to do a Wright Brothers movie, it clicked almost instantly. It seems like the perfect kind of story for him to tell, as it mixes those kind of thrilling events with the same childhood joy and optimism that he always infuses his movies with. I’m a little bit surprised he hasn’t made a movie about those two brothers yet, it seems like something right in his wheelhouse.

However, I’m also incredibly happy that Spielberg looks like he’s returning to some of the summer blockbusters that he cemented his career with. With both Ready, Player One as one of his upcoming projects, it’ll be nice to see him return to some of the bigger budget action films that I’ve always loved from him. While some of his last few haven’t quite held a candle to some of his more notable classics, his next few projects seem like they could help to put him back into casual moviegoers’ minds.

Bridge of Spies is set to hit theatres on October 16th.

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