Steven Spielberg Wants Bryan Cranston to Play Lyndon B. Johnson in Miniseries Drama

By June 9, 2014

Following a big win at the Tony Awards last night for his turn as Lyndon B. Johnson in the stage play All the Way, it turns out Bryan Cranston might not be done playing the president just yet.

Deadline has word that Steven Spielberg wants Cranston to reprise his award-winning performance in a miniseries that will follow Johnson’s life shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, spanning the first year of his presidency from being sworn in after the national tragedy to leveraging his power to pass historic Civil Rights legislation in Congress and coming out on top in a landslide re-election victory.

Spielberg has seen the play a couple times, so he’s very aware of just how good Cranston was on stage as Johnson, and he’s apparently already talked to the writer Robert Schenkkan and Cranston himself about the project. However, it’s not clarified where this project would be developed. Spielberg has already crafted successful miniseries with “The Pacific” and “Band of Brothers” on HBO, so that would be a great place for this to land.

Bryan Cranston - All the Way

At the same time, AMC might want in on bringing Cranston back with the hope of some more Emmy love now that “Breaking Bad” is completely done. That would be a huge “get” for the cable network – the marketing campaign practically writes itself. No matter what happens, the project is said to be moving very quickly.

In addition, we might see more of Cranston as Johnson down the road aside from this initial miniseries because Schenkkan has a second play about the president that has already been written. It’s called The Great Society and is already set to premiere this July with the continued story of Johnson and his legacy from 1964 to 1968.

Cranston teaming with Spielberg obviously has the potential for some high quality entertainment, so we’re hoping to hear more about this project very soon.

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