‘Suicide Squad’ Details Give New Insight Into the Film’s Mysterious Villains

By June 3, 2016

Despite all of the exciting footage we’ve seen from DC’s Suicide Squad already, one of the things that the film hasn’t given us hardly any insight into, is the movie’s villains or what exactly it is that the members of Task Force X are being sent to take down for the government.

We’ve seen a lot of weird looking creatures, and action shots of the Squad cutting them up, blowing them up, and killing them in all different kinds of ways, but we still don’t know who it is that the Squad are even killing, or who it is that they might be coming from/working for. They’re definitely not human, that’s for sure.

Well, we still don’t really know who they are, but it looks like we at least know what they’re called: the Eyes of the Adversary. Producer Charles Roven told Total Film the following about the Eyes in the film:

“Let’s just say, when [the Squad is] called in to do this mission by Amanda [Waller], these are one of the things they encounter. They don’t know how they got here, but they’re weird and dangerous and yet they’re wearing military uniforms.”

David Ayer went on to add that “nobody’s safe” from the Eyes, though that doesn’t really tell us all that much about what exactly they are that we didn’t already know at least. Weird and dangerous? That sounds like a fairly succinct description of basically everything we’ve seen from Suicide Squad up until this point.

We still don’t know who The Adversary is either, though with the Eyes causing destruction that is “evidence of a devastating supernatural force at play on the streets of Midway City“and leaves behind  “black secretions jutting out of a long crater on the floor,” it is possible that they’re some kind of minions for Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress. The character has been rumored to be the main villainous force in the movie previously, and since she has yet to be seen with the other members of Task Force X once in any of the trailers, it seems entirely possible that she’s the Adversary in question.

As of right now though, it seems like we won’t really know what the Eyes are, or who they’re working with, until David Ayer and co. want us to, which in all likelihood may not be until the film’s actual release later this Fall.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.

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