‘Suicide Squad’ Apparently Has “A Lot” of Deleted Joker Scenes

By August 4, 2016

The movie hasn’t even been released theatrically yet, and the talks of the behind-the-scenes drama and editing choices made on DC’s Suicide Squad are just growing larger and larger now, ever since the first negative reviews hit the web earlier this week. Judging purely on the news about studio interference that came out yesterday as well, it’s looking more and more like the Suicide Squad that’s hitting theatres tomorrow is very different from what it was originally supposed to be, and not necessarily in the organic way that most films transform during the post-production process.

One of the biggest questions that both critics and fans who have seen the film early have asked about the movie as well, is connected to Jared Leto’s Joker, who’s role in the film is significantly smaller than the marketing and creative team involved in the movie had made it out to be.

Confirming several rumors about how much of the original movie was left on the cutting room floor as well, Jared Leto spoke with Telestar recently about Suicide Squad, saying that there are a “a lot” of Joker scenes that were cut from the final version of the film:

“There are a lot of scenes that didn’t make it to the final film. Hopefully they will see the light of day. Who knows.”

Considering the current amount of negative reactions to the movie, and what ended up happening with Batman v Superman earlier this year when it was also on the receiving end of extremely poor critical reviews, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. or DC end up deciding to release a “director’s cut” of the film later this year, which may be much closer to Ayer’s original vision for the movie, and may incorporate more of The Joker than the final cut apparently does.

Or they could not, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time there was no director’s cut of a film released, even when there was a large amount of fans asking for it.

Suicide Squad will be released theatrically tomorrow, August 5th.

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