‘Suicide Squad’ Passes ‘Man of Steel’ at the Box Office This Weekend

By September 3, 2016

Despite being overwhelmed with negative reviews and mostly mixed reactions from fans, DC’s Suicide Squad has continued to perform fairly well at the box office since its early August release, and it looks like after being in the theatres for about one month (in a few days), Suicide Squad is going to be surpassing one of its other DCEU brethren at the domestic box office.

Forbes is reporting that with this Labor Day Weekend, it’s very likely that Suicide Squad is going to be surpassing director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the first installment in the DCEU, which accrued a total domestic gross of $291.045 million at the box office back in 2013. Currently, Suicide Squad has made $289.662 million domestically and with two more weekend days, plus a possible Labor Day boost, it’s all but guaranteed that Suicide Squad is going to be beating Man of Steel‘s domestic total by the end of this weekend.

Now, this doesn’t come as that much of a surprise to be honest, since when it first came out Man of Steel was met with divisive reactions from both fans and critics, in addition to being the first taste of the new DCEU, which many fans didn’t even know was on its way when Man of Steel was first released.

Meanwhile, Suicide Squad not only looked like something completely unlike any other film in the comic book genre, but also had an incredible marketing campaign going for it and was being pitched as the saving grace of the DCEU at the time. With two films behind it, there’s a legitimate possibility that fans felt more involved and invested in the DCEU at this point, that more fans felt the desire to see Suicide Squad in theatres than they did with Man of Steel.

Nonetheless, while it’s not quite the box office titan or critical savior that DC was hoping it would be, it appears that Suicide Squad is doing more than well financially right now, though with three films in a row being critical disappointments and mostly mixed bags for fans, it’ll be interesting to see how the financial success of the future DC films may or may not be impacted moving forwards. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when Wonder Woman hits theatres next June.

Suicide Squad is in theatres now.

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