‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoots Not Meant to Add Humor, But Apparently to Fix Its Third Act

By May 17, 2016

In case you missed the latest report, Warner Bros. is completely changing the executive roles behind their DC films moving forwards, following the recent fallout and all-around disappointing reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  – both critically and financially. It sounds like they’re doing everything in their power to make sure their other DC film this year doesn’t get the same complaints too.

Directed by David Ayer, the buzz surrounding Suicide Squad has been mostly positive, with comic book fans embracing the film’s strange tone and even stranger array of characters (the fact that they’re being played by some big A-list stars doesn’t hurt either). However, reports came out a few months ago that reshoots on the movie were being done to add more humor to it, and while the humor aspect was debunked, the reshoots were confirmed.

In addition to the BvS shakeup as well, THR‘s report mentions that the reshoots on Suicide Squad weren’t to add more humor, but to fix the film’s third act and to smooth it over to make sure that fans’ expectations aren’t let down when they see the film, since the movie has the potential to completely change fans’ perception of the DCCU following Batman v Superman.

It was apparently in Suicide Squad when Geoff Johns, now the co-head of Warner Bros.’ new DC division, elevated his involvement in the films in the first place as well.

Additionally, the report also states that Seth Grahame-Smith left The Flash due to WB’s reluctance to trust the big project to a first-time director, which might finally shed some more light on that issue, and are now looking for a more seasoned veteran to helm the project, who will also be able to provide their own stamp on it. Hopefully, it’s a better stamp than Zack Snyder’s so far.

The report doesn’t go into much detail regarding what exactly the issues with the film’s third act are, but it’s a disconcerting issue nonetheless, especially since Ayer’s last film, Fury, suffered from a weaker third act compared to its previous two as well. The film looks ballsy and weird, in a good way, but if Suicide Squad doesn’t deliver on all cylinders, then DC’s last lifeline may hit the dial tone.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.

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