‘Supergirl’ Becomes CBS’ First Series Order for 2015-16

By May 6, 2015

CBS’ new pilot based on DC Comics’ long-running superheroine will be headed to he network as a series this fall.

According to Variety, “Supergirl,” starring Melissa Benoist and developed by Greg Berlanti, has become the first pilot to get a series order for the 2015-16 television season on CBS. This marks the third successful series order for Berlanti based off of the characters of DC Comics, with both “Arrow” starring Stephen Amell and “The Flash” starring Grant Gustin serving as two of that network’s most popular shows. Berlanti is also developing a third CW DC Comics-based series that will focus on a series of more ancillary characters teaming up within the same universe first established by “Arrow,” and expanded by “The Flash.”

“Supergirl,” based on the character that first appeared in Action Comics #252 from 1959, will follow the exploits of Kara Zor-El, aka Kara Danvers, as she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities after hiding them from humanity since her arrival from Krypton. In the comics, Kara has been portrayed as the cousin of Kal-El, aka Superman, being the daughter of Jor-El’s brother. How the series might broach the subject of the Man of Steel’s existence isn’t currently known (if it’s touched upon at all), but Superman supporting characters — like Jimmy Olsen, Cat Grant, and Hank Henshaw — will be appearing in the series going forward. Also appearing in as-yet unknown roles are Helen Slater (who played Supergirl in the character’s own film from 1984), and Dean Cain (who played Clark Kent/Superman in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” from the 1990’s).

The series pilot, produced for a reportedly large figure of approximately $14 million, was directed by Glen Winter: an alum of directing episodes for “The Flash,” “Arrow,” and the most recent series based off of the Superman property, “Smallville,” which ran on the WB/CW from 2001-2011.

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Chris Clow
As a former comics retailer at a store in the Pacific Northwest, Chris Clow is an enormous sci-fi, comics, and film geek. He is a freelance contributor, reviewer, podcaster, and overall geek to GeekNation, Batman-On-Film.com, The Huffington Post, and Movies.com. He also hosts the monthly Comics on Consoles broadcast and podcast. Check out his blog, and follow him on Twitter @ChrisClow.
  • David Johnson

    Haven’t really got into the Flash, but then again I never liked the comic when I was younger. But Arrow is a very interesting show from what I’ve watched. I need to start from the beginning i know I’m missing a lot of back story when I catch current episodes. So the only thing that scares me is its going to be on CBS but I’ll give it a chance when it premieres!

    • Liz K Clark

      Agreed! CBS wouldn’t have been my first choice. At this point, I’d almost take Netflix over any of the big three, for a multitude of reasons.

      • David Johnson

        Even CW or FOX TV seems to try edgier story styles. The big 3 seem to be more family hour format with an occasional darker story with a show like “The Blacklist” but usually they play it rather safe.

        • They are done in many ways… No matter how hard they try, they will never be an HBO or the like; Not as long as their hands are tied.

  • mmasoria

    Oooh! Supergirl! I hope they do a good job!!