‘Supergirl’ Trailer Promises Whats Left to Come in Season One

By October 27, 2015

Last night featured the premiere of CBS’ highly-anticipated Supergirl series, and it seems like the general consensus from fans at this point is that the series certainly has promise, but fumbled along the way throughout its 40-minute run time. Melissa Benoist owns the role as Kara though, and judging by the constant promotion and news that has been coming out from the latest addition to the superhero TV show line-up, it seems like CBS has more than enough confidence in the show’s promise.

The first season of Supergirl will be packed to the brim with both well-known and obscure villains from the DC comics though, along with the introduction of possible superhero allies for Kara as well. A new trailer was released following last night’s premiere too, showing new footage from the upcoming episodes, and giving fans a taste of what they can expect from the freshman season.

Check out the full trailer below:

It looks like Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant will have a relationship with Supergirl much akin to Superman and Lois Lane, only without any of the romance and a bit more sarcasm on Cat’s part. It’s interesting to see how proudly the series is referencing its ties to the Superman character and while he plays a small role in the pilot episode, it’s unknown how he might affect the rest of the show moving forward, and the possible crossover connections that could occur as well.

Like I said previously, the Supergirl pilot showed a lot of potential throughout the episode, but also showed where things could go wrong for the series as well, and I just hope that they keep the story arc for the first season more focused and less jumbled than it got last night. Personally though, I have a lot of hope for the series, and it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up ranking alongside the other DC TV shows on the air right now.

Supergirl airs every Monday night on CBS.

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  • David Johnson

    Going to have to check it out later Watched Gotham instead! That show just gets Darker & Darker!!!