SXSW 2013 – Poster Art & Premiere Details For Ken Marino’s Fecal Fright “Milo”

By March 9, 2013

Friday March 8th signified the official beginning of this year’s South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. There is so much scheduled to go down over the next two weeks, my email box is begging me for a break from all the alerts. Yet, one email in particular remains starred to this day. And that is the one announcing the poster art and premiere announcement for Jacob Vaughan’s new horror/comedy Milo.

The basic gist of the flick, as I have gathered, follows Duncan (Ken Marino) as his life becomes a real pain in the ass (literally). Dealing with a horrible boss (Patrick Warburton), a nagging mom (Mary Kay Place), dead beat dad (Stephen Root), and less nagging yet still pressuring wife (Gillian Jacobs), his increasing stress begins to trigger some sort of hellish gastritis. Duncan soon seeks the assistance of a hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare) and with his help, they find the true reason for the excruciating stomach pain. Dude has a tiny demon living in his intestines! When Duncan’s anxiety mounts, it forces the demon out to murder the people who have caused him grief. And in an attempt to control it’s rage, Duncan tries to befriend the ghoulie and names it Milo.

Directed by Jacob Vaughan and produced by the Duplass brothers, Milo mixes horror and comedy elements together into a film that is sort of a mashup of Teeth and Ted. Or something…

When asked about his work on the film, Ken Marino told us, “When Mark Duplass calls and asks if you want to be in a movie about monster coming out of your ass the only answer is, “yes.” And the only follow up question is, “what time is the fitting?”

If you’re attending SXSW Milo is playing at the Alamo Ritz 1 & 2
Sunday, March 10
9:00PM -10:25PM

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