SXSW: ‘Big Ass Spider!’ Delivers Exactly What It Promises!

By March 15, 2013

Premiering as part of SXSW Film’s Midnighters lineup of horror and sci-fi films, Big Ass Spider! quickly became one of the festival’s most buzzed about films. Judging by the first reviews…the film lives up to the hype!

Here’s what people are saying:

Twitch Film: “What differentiates the movie from its cheap SyFy Channel, basic cable television counterparts is that director Mike Mendez, keeps the action clipping along. The visual effects, low-budget though they may be, are surprisingly effective. Gregory Gieras’ script covers all the bases and inserts plenty of one-liners that are needed for this kind of self-aware, lighthearted horror picture.The comic pairing of Grunberg and Boyar also works wonders.Their breezy style matches the tone of the movie as a whole, in which mirth and mayhem are equal partners.”

The Hollywood Reporter:
“Delivering on its title’s promise with a much higher fun-per-dollar ratio than Snakes on a Plane, Mike Mendez’s shamelessly Corman-esque Big Ass Spider! does almost everything just a tiny bit better than it needs to. Though it’s tongue-in-cheek from the start, the pic gets some legit scares.”


Fearnet (Scott Weinberg): “Call it slight or silly, but don’t call it stupid. Judged solely on the scale of Giant Spider Cinema, the slick and satisfying Big Ass Spider ranks surprisingly high — partially because a lot of those movies stink, but mainly because this one does not. If you like giant spider movies, you’ll definitely dig Big Ass Spider.”

Screen Daily:Big Ass Spider is a film that revels in its B-movie status, creating a near apocalypse from the invasion of a giant alien spider. It is a low-budget production, but genre fans should still adore this anarchic monster movie which exploded onto screens at SXSW, where it premiered at a midnight screening to hundreds of cheering fans.”

Bloody Disgusting: “A film that’s simultaneously humble and ambitious, I had a good time with Big Ass Spider. It’s a movie that sets out to elevate the terrain usually staked out for Asylum type productions and build something more enjoyable on it. In that regard, the film succeeds. Even though Spider‘s brand of humor and sub-genre aren’t necessarily my thing (though I did laugh a lot), I appreciated the wise decision to go the buddy-comedy route and actually stick with it – a rare choice for this kind of outing. It’s here that director Mike Mendez really sets his film apart.”

Jason Whyte, ASS SPIDER! is a blast from beginning to end. Fun cast, giddy efx work and short but sweet premise make it fun.”


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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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