SXSW: Evil Dead (2013) Screening Shocks Critics With Its Violence

By March 9, 2013

The Evil Dead remake seems to have shocked many of the critics attending the coveted SXSW screening Friday night. The poster claims to be “The most terrifying film that you will ever experience,” and so far it’s not disappointing.

Here are some reactions to the screening… “How it passes for an R-rating is mind boggling, yet here we are with a movie that sets innocent people on fire, stabs people in the eyes, cuts open beautiful cheeks, smashes in skulls, and grinds off multiple limbs– all with a demented smile on its face.”

FEARnet: “Fortunately for all involved, the creators of the new Evil Dead are more than willing to earn their own stripes with the horror fans, and the result is a fast-paced, gut-punch, splatter-fest of a remake that will almost certainly please the old fans, probably entice a bunch of new ones, and thoroughly disgust anyone who happens to think that Evil Dead is some sort of low-key supernatural thriller. In other words, Evil Dead (2013) is one of the goriest wide-release movies I’ve ever seen.”

Deadline Hollywood: “The hard-R horror is drenched in blood and gore and utilizes practical effects over CG, a decision producer Tapert admitted he resisted. “CG makes some things easier… [but] Fede fought for the right things”, he said. A strong reaction from the SXSW audience should bolster Sony’s expectations; Evil Dead was the hottest ticket on opening night and had the crowd hooting for every gory reveal.”

The Huffington Post: “The mix of fire-hose blood spray, psychological terror and black humor, though, remain true to the campy original that boiled the horror movie genre down to its essence.”

Dread Central: “Oh, and if you think Raimi crossed a line with his “rape vines” in the original Evil Dead, Alvarez doesn’t even consider the line while he’s crossing it at all. We start off with the scene we’re expecting and then – BAM – Alvarez takes it a notch further, making for a truly uncomfortable but highly effective moment of horror. It’s a great homage to the original’s iconic scene and really sets the tone for all that follows.”

Bloody Disgusting: “This is your Avengers, this is your Avatar, this is whatever you’ve been wanting a “big” horror movie to be for over a decade. Not a perfect movie, but a near perfect experience.”

After the screening director and co-writer Fede Alvarez announce that he’s already started working on a sequel.

Earlier today there was a press event to announced that the film will be making a 29-city “Screening Tour.”

Here are the cities for the screening tour that I found on Dread Central, where they also have a pretty cool pic of the t-shirt that was handed out at the press event.

Boulder, CO – 3/11/13
Eugene, OR – 3/12/13
Portland, OR – 3/12/13
Seattle, WA – 3/12/13
Berkeley, CA – 3/14/13
La Jolla, CA – 3/14/13
Palo Alta, CA – 3/14/13
Sacramento, CA – 3/14/13
San Francisco, CA – 3/14/13
Kansas City, MO – 3/19/13
Cleveland, OH – 3/20/13
Gainesville, FL – 3/21/13
Las Vegas, NV – 3/21/13
Orlando, FL – 3/21/13
Washington, DC – 3/21/13
College Station, TX – 3/25/13
Pittsburgh, PA – 3/26/13
Fairfax, VA – 3/27/13
St. Louis, MO – 3/27/13
Cincinnati, OH – 3/28/13
Columbus, OH – 3/28/13
Greensboro, NC – 3/28/13
Hampton, VA – 3/28/13
Honolulu, HI – 3/28/13
Miami, FL – 3/28/13
Minneapolis, MN -3/28/13
New York, NY – 3/28/13
Tallahassee, FL – 3/28/13
Tempe, AZ – 3/28/13
Washington, DC – 3/28/13

Here’s the trailer.

The Evil Dead (2013) hits theaters on April 5th, 2013.

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