SXSW To Debut ‘Preacher’ Pilot, A New Pee-wee Herman Movie, A Slender Man Film & More

By January 8, 2016

SXSW is looking weird! The festival just released more info on the upcoming 2016 event and it is gloriously strange. The festival takes place in Austin, TX from March 11-20 and features quite a few world premieres. The full list is to be revealed on February 2nd but for now check out this slate (via Deadline):

preacher featured image

Preacher TV Pilot – Here’s a show that has a chip on its shoulder. Starring Tony Starks movie dad Dominic Cooper and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, this TV series went through hell to get made. Finally picked up by AMC the show deals with a preacher possessed by an entity involving both angels and demons who goes on a search to find God. It’s based on a Vertigo comic series and it gets dark; like, really darkPreacher deals with some touchy stuff that took some major cojones for any network to pick up. Can’t wait to hear the buzz behind this one.


Pee-wee’s Big Holiday – This is a crazy world we live in. One where everything is coming back in some way. From Crystal Pepsi to Full House and now the culmination of it all; Pee-wee freaking Herman. I think we have reached the bringing stuff back precipice. Big Holiday is like many other wild projects finding its home on Netflix, but not before having its world debut at SXSW. It’s about Pee-wee meeting a stranger who inspires him to take his first holiday culminating in an epic story of friendship.

Midnight Special – Just have to check out the cast on this one to know it could be uh…..special. Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst and Adam Driver make up a lovely cast in this sci-fi father-son drama that looks fantastic. There’s a Donnie Darko, Take Shelter sort of feel that gets me all sorts of excited. Special is about a father taking his son on the run when they discover he has crazy superpowers. It’s billed as supernatural yet intimately human. They needn’t say more; I’d watch Michael Shannon read a newspaper for two hours.


Beware The Slenderman – Never heard of this movie until this article, and a quick google search pulls up zilch and now I’m super intrigued. The IMDB profile for the director Irene Taylor Brodsky shows her as an Oscar nominated documentary director and the movie isn’t even listed in her filmography. Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K. One wonders if this isn’t a documentary about the horrible stabbing that was tied to two little girls who had played the game. The synopsis reads as

In this horrifyingly modern fairytale lurks an online Boogeyman and two 12-year-old girls who would kill for him. The entrance to the Internet quickly leads to its darkest basement. How responsible are our children for what they find there?

Also included at South By Southwest are Chevalier and a documentary about Tony Robbins called Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru. 

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. So GeekNation, what would you be watching if you were at SXSW? Stay tuned for more updates on crazy weird movie premieres.

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