SyFy Picks Up Superman Prequel Series ‘Krypton’ from ‘Man of Steel’ Writer

By December 8, 2014

Following in the footsteps of “Gotham,” a rumor surfaced in October that there was development on a Superman prequel series called “Krypton” from Man of Steel writer and DC Comics film producer David S. Goyer. Now that story has been confirmed, and the series has a home.

EW reports that SyFy has picked up the series that takes place years before Superman is even born. It will follow Kal-El’s grandfather (that’s Jor-El’s father), the head of a shamed and ostracized family name, as he tries to bring hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.

While I would have preferred a less direct connection to Superman himself, this still already seems to hold much more potential than “Gotham,” if only because it won’t be held back by having to continually reference future villains just to keep an audience interested for a whole season.


Goyer is executive producing the series with Ian Goldberg of “Once Upon a Time,” and if he brings the same imaginative approach to the series that he did with that opening sequence of Man of Steel, this could be quite an interesting new endeavor for fans of Krypton’s Last Son.

Now, you might be worried that this property has landed at SyFy, but thankfully the genre channel has been trying to step their game up with more original series. The adaptation of “12 Monkeys” and other shows like “The Expanse” and “Ascension” are strong indicators of this. So, we’re hoping they throw some money at the series to make it look good, while also not making it overwrought with winks and nods to the Superman world that resides within the DC Universe.

Goyer is coming off the NBC series adaptation of “Constantine,” and it’s not clear if that series will get a second season order at the network since the ratings aren’t all that great. But, the world of Superman is a little more well-known than that of Constantine’s, so it has a much better chance at pulling in a big audience. Stay tuned for more details as the series develops.

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