Sylvester Stallone May Star in ‘Rambo’ TV Series

By August 21, 2013

Rambo - Machine Gun

UPDATE: THR reports that Stallone will not reprise his role in the TV series, but it still remains to be seen whether another actor will take on the part or if this story will follow a different character entirely (a family member, for example). Original article follows:

After reviving Rocky Balboa in 2006, Sylvester Stallone also went back to the franchise well with Rambo in 2008. But it sounds like he’s not done with the Vietnam War veteran and former Green Beret.

THR has word that Entertainment One is working with The Expendables producer Avi Lerner’s Nu Image production banner to develop and produce a TV series based on the Rambo film franchise which started back in 1982 and has spawned three sequels.

And while you might think Stallone is too big of a star to reprise the character himself on the small screen, supposedly the veteran action star is in talks to lead the project himself. While a TV series would normally make his film career a little harder to navigate, with the popularity of limited series taking off, he could easily keep his big screen momentum going and still take on the show.

Rambo - 2008 - Arrows

However, the trade notes that Stallone might only potentially reprise his role as John Rambo, though the actor will certainly be involved on a “creative level.” We’re not sure if we’d enjoy Rambo without Stallone, but if Mexico can get an El Mariachi series together without Antonio Banderas, then it’s not so wild of an idea.

The large issue is whether or not a character like Rambo can sustain a whole series. Much of the entertainment from the action icon comes from his involvement in limited skirmishes that he’s able to squash in a feature film time frame. Otherwise, we’re basically turning John Rambo into Jack Bauer, and Kiefer Sutherland is already returning as the world’s foremost counter-terrorist agent next year in “24: Live Another Day.”

Stay tuned as this Rambo series develops.

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