Robert Downey Jr. Reteams with Jon Favreau for Indie Film ‘Chef’

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The first Iron Man film altered the course of director Jon Favreau’s life forever. The success of that film paved the way for the billion-dollar success of The Avengers (a film which Favreau executive produced) and turned the star of Swingers into a director with measurable influence in Hollywood.

According to THR, Favreau has decided to tone it down a bit for his next effort and return to his roots. He’s writing, directing, and starring in a film called Chef, which is a character-driven story of “a man who loses his chef job and starts up a food truck to reclaim his artistic promise, while simultaneously reclaiming his estranged family.” And if that wasn’t enough to whet the appetites of Favreau fans out there, the multi-talented filmmaker will also be joined on screen by Robert Downey Jr., Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo, and Bobby Cannavale.

It’s especially intriguing that Favreau is reuniting with Downey on screen, considering the two have had a pretty excellent rapport as Happy Hogan and Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. Also, the Favs is clearly aware of Downey’s proclivity for improvisation, so it’ll be interesting to hear behind-the-scenes stories from the set about whether or not Downey sticks to Favreau’s script or adds his own brand of crazy to the story.

But speaking of the story, isn’t the concept of a chef starting his own food truck a little played out at this point? That’s what happens in the Jason Segel/Emily Blunt film The Five-Year Engagement, and to a lesser extent to the Dave character in ABC’s now-cancelled comedy “Happy Endings.” Hopefully Favreau and his cast can bring something fresh (excuse the pun) to spice things up a little bit (excuse that pun, too).

Production starts this July in L.A., and we expect to see this one hit theaters sometime in 2014. Excited to see Favreau team up with Downey outside the Marvel Universe? Sound off below and let us know what you think.