Kid reacts to Dad showing him ‘Star Wars’ for the first time

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Remember where you were the first time you saw Star Wars? For your sake Meesa hopes it wasn’t at the premiere of Phantom Menace back in 99′ but let’s try to stay positive. I don’t want anyone going all Hayden Christensen anger-emo on me.

I remember getting that  gorgeous golden VHS box set for Christmas one year. I methodically picked the perfect day to stay home from school “sick” and made a Death Star sized bowl of artery clogging buttery popcorn and watched the Holy trilogy in one sitting. In the immortal words of Ice Cube “Today was a good day”. Well thanks to Andy over at HowToBeADad we can experience that joy all over again vicariously.

In this short viral video he shows his son A New Hope for the very first time and sets up a camera to capture his awesome reactions as well as his many, many questions.

That is one cool kid. Andy is currently on Dad level 5000 himself. I’ll never forget seeing the re-release in the theater with my Dad for the first time and I’ll never forget showing these movies to my own Daughter. Just one more reason to love Star Wars. Just one more reason to love movies.