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‘Suicide Squad’ Director Apologizes For Shouting “F*ck Marvel!” at Film’s Premiere

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Director David Ayer has not been shy about throwing some shade at the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the films in general ever since last year at San Diego Comic-Con, when he slightly taunted the MCU for it’s lack of memorable villains, something that his upcoming film, Suicide Squad, seems to have more than its fair share of. During the film’s world premiere in New York City last night though, it seems like Ayer even thinks he may have gone too far.

After an audience member shouted “F*ck Marvel!” at the stage in front, Ayer quickly echoed the statement with excitement, though the filmmaker quickly took to Twitter afterwards to apologize for the comment.

So far the Suicide Squad early reviews are pouring in right now, and they seem to be mixed to say the least, with many praising the film’s focus on characters and bringing fun to the DC Cinematic Universe, and others criticizing it for some formulaic storytelling flaws as well. Luckily, we won’t have to wait much longer before everyone can share their opinions though, on whether or not Ayer’s attempt to not only bring something new to DC, but also the comic book movie genre as a whole, is a successful one.

Suicide Squad is set to hit theatres on August 5th.