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Latest ‘The Revenant’ Trailer Promises Another Masterpiece by Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu

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With last year’s Birdman, director Alejandro G. Iñárritu had a sort of coming out party to the world and to lovers of film everywhere.  Although the Academy Award winning director has worked with some of the best in the business, movies like Babel and 21 Grams were acquired tastes that never crossed the aisle into pop culture territory.

With Birdman, he got pretty close. The movie cleaned up at the 2014 Oscars with a Best Picture and Best Directing win; and rightly so. I adored the heck out of the movie and its performances with its faux ‘one take’ premise. But it was still a ‘film’ for the die-hard lover of the medium and didn’t quite connect with a wider audience… Something I’m pretty sure will change come December 25th of this year.

Yes indeed, this new trailer for his The Revenant signals the coming of a masterpiece in my opinion; and with Leonardo DiCaprio in a starring role alongside other notable favorite Tom Hardy, along with what looks to be one of the all time great looks in tone and style, I believe this movie will cross that aisle and usher in Iñárritu as a household name.

Whether you are aware of all of Iñárritu’s work, I dare say, now you will be. This trailer looks amazing in every way. And though I heard some rumblings of behind the scene antics (IE problems) watching this trailer now, twice through, I can only assume it’s because the director wanted the most perfect of looks and takes – set against what appears to be one tough, location shoot.

Either way, with DiCaprio doing everything in his power now to finally get some acting nods; along with Hardy, this movie promises to be one of the very best of the year and a sure fire Oscar Contender.

The Revenant opens in limited release on December 25, 2015 and goes wide January 8th, 2016.  I for one will be setting my watch to the minute of its first showing. Can’t. Wait.

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