‘The Flash’ Casts Tony Todd as Zoom

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When The Flash premiered last year, it came with an entirely new kind of tone and world for the superhero genre. It contrasted against Arrow in a magnificent way because where The Flash is light and fun, Arrow has always remained dark and grimy. Instead of the two tones clashing against each other though, they melded perfectly and where Arrow managed to find lighter moments throughout its seasons, The Flash managed to develop a heavy, and palpable emotional weight for each of its main characters and story.

Now, following it’s cliffhanger season finale, The Flash is charging towards its second season debut with an onslaught of new and familiar characters set to be introduced, and a whole new villain for Barry to face off against in Zoom. Not much is known about the new villain, but judging by the highlight reel shown at this year’s SDCC – it looks like Barry is going to have a whole new, dangerous mystery coming at him this time around.

According to a new report by VarietyCandyman actor Tony Todd has been cast as Zoom in the new season. However, he won’t actually be playing the character in person, but instead, will be providing a voice for the character. Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg commented on the casting with the following:

“Last year, with the Reverse-Flash, we just modulated Tom Cavanagh’s voice, and this year we wanted to do something a little bit different. Part of the mystery of the season is who or what is underneath the Zoom outfit, and so we wanted to do something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader — this iconic voice coming out of this mask. Last year, we thought of the Reverse-Flash as a speed warrior; this year, Zoom is like a speed demon, and no one does demon-voice better than Tony Todd.”

When discussing the character’s actual look, Kreisberg compared Zoom’s outfit to Venom’s in the Marvel comics. He went on to elaborate, explaining:

“The Zoom outfit is much more organic than the Reverse-Flash suit. In a way, it’s hard to tell if it is a suit or alive… There’s no skin showing, for all you know there’s a robot underneath, or dark energy.”

Unlike last season, which revealed Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne to be the villainous Reverse-Flash fairly early on in the season, Zoom’s identity will apparently not be revealed for a much longer time frame. The season is said to be much more of a mystery, but in terms of Zoom’s motivations, Kreisberg confirmed that the character will be working towards a much more personal goal, like Thawne last season:

“For us, the best villains are the ones who don’t have megalomaniacal ‘I want to rule the world’ motivations. Last year, the Reverse-Flash had a very simple goal which was, ‘I just want to go home, and if people need to die or cities need to get wasted for me to get that, so be it.’ And Zoom has a very similar, personal goal this season… simple and easy to understand, and very primal. And just as with Wells last year, Zoom doesn’t care who gets hurt or what gets destroyed in the service of him getting his goal.”

And for those of you already trying to decipher the character’s identity based on the comics or fan speculation, it looks like The Flash writers are planning on approaching the character the same way they always have, by mixing their comic book origins with a new twist for viewers who haven’t read the source material. Check out what Kreisberg had to say below:

“We have to service the entire audience, both the fans and the non-fans, and I think we’ve shown up until this point a great deal of respect and reverence for the source material, so that we always feel like we’re fulfilling the comic book fans’ expectations while also not spoon-feeding them stuff directly from the comics. So the story of Zoom and who and what he is… hopefully comic book fans will be happy because we’ve come up with a clever way to spin the tale, but that also makes it exciting for the people who aren’t as familiar with the comics and are just enjoying the show on its own terms.”

It sounds like Zoom is going to be a very new and unique threat for Barry and the rest of the Star Labs crew. Along with being just as, if not possibly more dangerous than the Reverse-Flash, it looks like there will be even less known about Zoom throughout this season than there was about Harrison – making him an even more dangerous foe for the Scarlet Speedster. There’s no denying how much more Tony Todd will be able to add to that character’s tone and presence as well, and it seems like the creative team may have found the perfect guy to voice their new villian.

In addition to Zoom, fans can look forward to the introductions of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSaten),  Jesse Quick (Violett Beane), and more. If one thing’s for sure with this new season, it looks like the possibilities are endless for The Flash moving forward, and now we’ll just have to see if the show can manage to keep up with its ambitions.

The Flash Season 2 is set to premiere on The CW on October 6th.

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